Bed Wet Program

Bed wetting is also called nocturnal enuresis and is a problem for many school aged children and their families.

Bed wet alarms are considered to be the most useful and successful way to treat bed wetting. Research shows that Bell and Pad alarms will help more than 80% of children become dry in 4 to 6 weeks.

Our bed wet program uses the same Bell and Pad system as the Royal Childrens Hospital clinic uses. This equipment is combined with a child centred and focused program to maximise the outcome.

To find out if your child is suitable for our program please contact Nadene, Pam or John on 03 94399249.

Causes of bed wetting

Not all of the causes of bed wetting are known.

Some of the possible factors are: 

  • Genetic tendency.  Bed wetting does tend to run in families.  If one or both parents wet the bed when they were children, then it is quite likely to occur in their children.
  • Smallish bladder capacity.
  • Deep sleeper.
  • Kidneys continue to produce a lot of urine at night (most people make less urine when they are asleep).

In some rare cases, there may be a physical problem that is the cause of the child’s bed wetting. For this reason, it is very important that a doctor examines your child. The doctor will consider all the details and recommend the best treatment.

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